12 and 13.04.16

[the Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice

A Workshop on “Care” as antidote against programmed obsolescence, as feminist practice, as an ecological strategy, and form of maintenance.

[The Eponym] Care as affirmative practice is part of the program of interventions organized by The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) in the context of Lorenzo Sandoval solo exhibition 'Deep Surface'.

[The Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice [The Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice [The Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice

from workshop announcement = We will alternate between participatory exercises and a Guided Meditation. We will engage in practical exercises and embody mental images. We will use objects, algorithms, and tools - both present and imaginary - in the exhibition. The Guide Meditation will involve breathing techniques and the imagination, facilitating a journey through theory and thoughts with fragments from texts by: Silvia Federici on the commons, Rosi Braidotti on affirmative ethics, Michael Foucault from “The Hermeneutics of the Subject”, Jane Bennet on political ecologies, and Timothy Morton on viscosity. No preparation needed. The two evenings work independently so you can join one or both evenings as you wish.