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[the Eponym] palermo

at Caffè Internazionale


[the Eponym] A Somatheory Encounter

by Magdalena Górska and Deborah Ligorio
at SAVVY Contemporary as part of SPEAKING FEMINISMS | Preliminary Exercises | a series curated by Elena Agudio and Federica Bueti

[The Eponym] A Somatheory Encounter, Magdalena Górska and Deborah Ligorio

initiated in spring 2017

[the Eponym] Breathing Intersectionality

and ongoing

[The Eponym] Breathing Intersectionality

12 and 13.04.16

[the Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice

A Workshop on “Care” as antidote against programmed obsolescence, as feminist practice, as an ecological strategy, and form of maintenance.
"[The Eponym] Care as affirmative practice" was part of the program of interventions organized by The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) in the context of Lorenzo Sandoval solo exhibition 'Deep Surface'.

[The Eponym] Care as Affirmative Practice


[the Eponym] A Guided Meditation

as part of the evening organized at A Public Library, Berlin, for the "Lange Buchnacht in der Oranienstrasse".

[the EPONYM] @ A Public Library


[the Eponym] Accessories in Algorithmic Gardens

Invited Collaborations: Angela Balzano, Camilla Monga, and Zoe Romano, at Galleria Francesca Minini, Milano.

Bodily experience influence the way we think and act. The workshop alongside the exhibition "Accessories in Algorithmic Gardens" aimed to explore how the materiality of our embodiment determines our perception of the world.

[the EPONYM] Accessories in Algorithmic Gardens


[the Eponym] What can you Bodily think?

Neue Nationalgalerie, Festival of Future Nows.
Invited Collaborations: Wietske Maas, Patricia Reed, Alex Martinis Roe, Thilo Wiertz

We will use breathing techniques, trigger olfaction, and combine bodily practice with theoretical reflections to pose the question: How does our embodiment determine our perception of the world? Participants in this workshop will explore a practical philosophy of natureculture by looking at an "ecology without nature"(Timothy Morton).

[the EPONYM] Neue Nationalgalerie, Festival Future News


[the Eponym] Pilot

organized with Fiona Geuss at Archive Kabinett Berlin.
Invited Partecipants: Alicia Frankovich, Patricia Reed, Alex Martinis Roe, Caleb Waldorf, Alena Williams.